Wellesley Connects

"What was great about my participation in Wellesley Connects was not merely the insightful, nuanced expertise displayed by Tom through our one-on-one mentorship; what truly takes the cake is the confidence the program provides in letting first-generation students like myself know their future is well within their grasp."

Medical Equipment

"Wellesley Friendly Aid has been a wonderful resource for medical equipment for my Mom who has borrowed a variety of items over the years.  When we were in need, Wellesley Friendly Aid was there with open arms, kindness and support."

Holiday Programs

For over 100 years, Wellesley Friendly Aid has brightened the holidays of residents in need. In the early 1900s, Friendly Aid board members delivered baskets with turkeys and the trimmings.

Fuel Assistance

When cold weather approaches, many low income residents find themselves unable to pay their heating bills. Wellesley Friendly Aid processes applications for those residents under age 60 for the SMOC Fuel Assistance Program, which pays a portion of heating costs.

Friendship Circle

On Mondays from October through May Wellesley Friendly Aid hosts Friendship Circle, a program for senior women of all income levels.   Participants enjoy a wide variety of activities including speakers such as Massachusetts Representative Alice Peisch; presentations by local quilters, garden clubs and the Wellesley Historical Society curator; craft activities; and holiday festivities.

English Classes

Wellesley Friendly Aid is one of the sponsors of the English as a Second Language Program in Wellesley, which is administered by the Wellesley Free Library.  We provide classroom materials and space for the various ESL classes that accommodate about 100 students.