Camp Financial Aid

Wellesley Friendly Aid is dedicated to giving children living at or near poverty levels an enriching summer camp experience. This program is solely funded by donations, with a major gift from the Wellesley Service League.

►We are thrilled that camps have fully reopened for the summer so that more children can benefit from the joyful and constructive experiences of camp than were able to the last two summers. 

►In 2019, the last year before COVID restrictions limited camp participation, 63 Wellesley children received camp financial aid. 

►Wellesley Recreation Department camps are the top choice.

►We having been sending children to camp since 1942.  Please help us continue this program. 

As an added incentive, an anonymous donor has offered to match contributions to our Camp Fund, up to a total of $10,000!  You can donate here.

PARENTS: Find the 2022 camp financial aid application here